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HCG Bottles
One bottle will last approximately
three to four weeks.
Product Retail Sale
1 HCG Bottle $98.00 $59.99
2 HCG Bottles $179.00 $109.99
3 HCG Bottles $244.00 $149.99
4 HCG Bottles $326.00 $199.99
  * 2 Bottles recommended for entire protocol

HCG Diet
No other additional products are offered by this distributor. If you would like to purchase additional supplements, please go to HCG Providers for available products.

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Now you can have the supplies and support you need near you. HCG Providers is dedicated to bringing you quality products, information, education and support.

Learn more about how HCG works and if it is something for you. Still need answers? Contact us via email, or phone and we will try to answer them for you.

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Success Stories

Not only did the weight fall off quickly, but I felt so great when I was on the drops. I had a steady amount of energy throughout the day and if I ever did get hungry I just took a few more drops to suppress my appetite. - michelle

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